J.C. Brae Project – Dreams

When you experience a loss it isn’t easy to move forward when you haven’t experienced the steps of grief.

As these steps appear, which we have no control on when they do, it is important to harness them and not fight them off.  These stages may appear during the day or even in your dreams at night.  When they happen, have a time of reflection.

Our lives recently changed with the loss of J.C.’s Mom.  With so much going on during this time, the steps in grieving showed up in the form of Dreams of Memories at night.

Having a Dream of Memories is to be cherished.  In my opinion, this is a very personal process which in itself is a gift.  Private visiting hours with a loved on who has passed away, with no interruptions from a day when we are awake.

If you experience Dreams of Memories let your dreams inspire you in the memory of your loved one.  Find comfort knowing they are still with us in whatever way they choose to present themselves.

Their love will never fade – especially in your Dreams.




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