J.C. Brae Project -Thank You!

J.C. Brae Project wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for everyone involved in producing J.C. Brae’s first CD.  J.C. Brae Project would like to thank the following for all their hard work.  They are as follows:

Executive Producers:  J.C. Brae & Jacqueline Burke

Producer – J.C. Brae & Jacqueline Burke

J.C. Brae – Lead Vocals

Johnny Hiland – Acoustic & Lead Guitars, Keyboards, Bass Guitar

Denny Hemingson – Steel and Lap Guitars

Nate Mason – Drums

Steve Thomas – Fiddle, Mandolin

Dave Spak – Background Vocals

Tony High – Engineer

Larry Hanson

Tool Shed – Nashville, TN

Fatback Studios – Nashville, TN

Platinum Lab – Nashville, TN

Width Studios – Nashville, TN

Writers:  Corey Barker & Alfons Kettner (Mississippi Rendezvous), Tom Paden & Pat Durbin (If Only), Karen Staley & Doug McDonald (I Remember that Lonely), Mark Nesler & Tony Martin (How High Did You Go), Greg Cook, Tom Paden & Eddie Kilgallon (Savin It Up For Saturday Night), Joe Nichols, Wil Nance & Steve Dean (Somebody’s Baby), and Don Ellis, Tom Paden & Eddie Kilgallon (Talking Dirty).

Back Cover



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